Welcome and thanks for visiting Live Life with Passive Income. The aim of this site is to teach you how to earn passive income online and not settle for a life of working a depressing job.

The benefits of living life with passive income

If you are here it’s probably because you are wanting to leave your job and earn an income online passively which allows you much more freedom and flexibility to live how you want too. The beauty of being flexible is that you can choose when you want to work. If you child has a sports match you can spend the afternoon watching them or if the waves are good and you enjoy surfing you can spend the day doing that instead of working. The point is that with a normal job, that you are probably stuck in now, you are expected to be at the office from 9am – 6pm everyday of the week. Telling your boss that the weather is good so you will spend the day at the beach probably won’t go down too well.

We all have our reasons for wanting flexibility and freedom by earning money online. Mine are that I enjoy traveling and only having 3 weeks a year to travel is not enough for me to see the world and enjoy what it has to offer. I recently got back from a 5 month holiday of traveling through South America and it completely opened up my eyes to how life should be lived. Instead of waking up each morning to sit in traffic on the way to a stressful and depressing job, I would be waking up on an island in the Caribbean to go scuba diving with sharks. Or waking up early to hike up Machu Picchu. It was experiences like these that have made me want to live my life with passive income.

traveling south america

At the moment I have no desire to settle back into the rat race and continue a life of work, stress and sleep. I am already planning my next trip which will either be to the Andaman islands or Sri Lanka where I will spend a few weeks relaxing on the idyllic beaches scuba diving and surfing. To live life with passive income is my goal and should be yours too if you value flexibility and freedom.

Ways to Earn Passive Income Online

Now you are probably wanting to know how are we going to live this life? There are a lot of ways of making money online which I have listed below. Some are easier than others and allow you to earn income quicker whereas some are more longterm but also worth growing as they have more potential in the long run. The below methods are ones which I believe are the most profitable and easiest to start.

  • Selling on eBay
  • Selling on Amazon
  • Affiliate niche Websites

eBay is a very popular marketplace and you can start making money very soon by implementing a method called drop shipping. Basically listing items on your page at a mark up from big retailers such as Lowes and Home Depot and when someone buys it you then purchase it online and have it shipped directly to the buyer. I would recommend having a look at this article I wrote about it passive income from eBay.

Amazon is one of the biggest online stores in the world which sells just about anything you can think of. The main method of making money on Amazon is to choose a niche, find a supplier who can customise the product so it becomes your unique brand and have it shipped to the Amazon warehouse. This method obviously requires a lot more capital to start but has the potential to earn thousands of dollars a month in revenue. Take a look at starting an Amazon business for a much more in-depth overview of how to get started.

And lastly we have the affiliate niche website category. This is the one we will be going into the most today. The basic idea behind affiliate marketing is to choose a niche, a subset of a bigger category such as dog training. Create a website for it where you write content and when people visit it you promote a product. They will hopefully buy the product and you will earn commission for it. A basic example would be creating a website called dogtrainingathome.com where you write different articles on the various aspects of dog training and in each of those you promote a product.

So one article could be “how to toilet train a puppy” and you could promote a product on amazon called Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty. I don’t know this product, I just searched amazon and it came up. You would sign up with Amazon and would get a special type of link called and affiliate code. Whenever someone clicks on it and gets taken to Amazon they know that you sent that buyer. If the visitor buys the product, or any other product that they decide to when on Amazon, you will get a commission of that sale. There are many people that make a full time income by reviewing and promoting Amazon products. If your dream is to travel the world and earn passive income from anywhere then this model could work for you, if you put in the time and effort of course.

Earn Passive Income Online

The only problem with Amazon is that the commission structure is quite low and usually starts out at around 4 percent of the price of the product. So if you sell a product for $100 you might only make $4 off that. This is fine if you have thousands of visitors and are making dozens of sales a day but for people starting out this usually won’t be the case. The better alternative is to find affiliate programs which are paying out a higher commission. Many programs can pay out 50 percent of the price so if you sell a product for $100 you will be pocketing $50. Make one sale a day and that is $1500 a month just off one product…

Overview of Setting up a Niche Website to Earn Income

  • Select a niche that you are interested in
  • Create a website for your selected niche
  • Come up with categories for the various sections of the niche
  • Create content for the various categories
  • Target keywords for each article you write
  • Promote a product that pays a commission
  • Repeat the above process for different niches

So sticking with the Dog niche above we will create a website called dogtrainingathome.com, as mentioned above. We then want to structure the content of the webpage by coming up with 3 or more different categories such as “Potty training your puppy”, “Basic obedience”, and “Advanced obedience”. In each of these categories we will research different keywords to use and try come up with ten keywords which will essentially give us 30(3X10) articles to write about.

Under the  “Basic obedience” category we could write articles on “how to teach your dog to sit quickly” and “how to teach you dog not to jump up on you” for examples. We would need to research the keywords first using a programme I find to be the best called LongTail Pro Keyword Research Tool. It is a tool which most internet marketers use that shows them how many times a month a keyword is searched for and lots of other important details such as how competitive the keyword is. The trick is to find keywords with enough traffic to bring in visitors but without high competition that will make ranking your site on the first page of google very difficult.

Think of a highly competitive keyword like “how to lose weight”. There are thousands of sites trying to rank on google for this keyword and you would be competing against websites that have been around for years and have full time writers writing dozens of articles a day for them. Basically it would be very difficult and expensive to get to the first page of Google for this type of keyword.

Keyword research is going to be one of the most important aspects of your niche website so I would advise downloading the trial version of LongTail Pro Keyword Research Tool and watching the below video to see how to pick money making keywords.

Once you have written a number of articles on the niche in the various categories with the help of LongTail Pro your website should start receiving some traffic. Remember your articles should be promoting some product that you believe in and will received commission off. Usually the easiest way to do this is to read the reviews so if you were promoting a product from Amazon you would make sure it is a highly rated product and lots of people actually give it good reviews.

At this stage you would start scaling up and creating more niche sites to make more money online. There are two approaches to building niche sites.

  1. Create 4 niche sites now and work on them all from the start
  2. Create 1 niche site now and put all your effort into it

The benefit of creating a few now is that it takes time to rank so by building the website now will mean that in 6 months you have 4 sites ranking and them already being established.

The risk is that you could spread yourself too thin and not put enough effort into any of the sites to properly get them ranking and as you are still new you could be making the same mistakes on all 4 instead of learning properly with one. I prefer option number 1 as I feel it will improve my chances of earning passive income online more easily. I also have a lot of time to work on a number of niches.

You are probably asking yourself now how do we build a website?! Good question, because without those skills your niche site would not go too far. Fortunately it is quite easy and all you need to do is purchase a domain name, get hosting and setup your WordPress website. WordPress is the tool 99% of websites are created with, including this webpage, and allows you to create great looking pages with no knowledge of coding. I have written an article that will take you through technical details of creating your own niche website.

Niche Website Blueprint

I have also created an in-depth eBook for FREE that runs you through the complete process from start to finish. This is a complete blueprint on creating your first niche website that every beginner needs.

The next step is to get started!

There is no magic bullet. You need to find a proven strategy and stick to it.

If it was easy nobody would have a 9-5 job and everyone would be travelling the world working for themselves with freedom and flexibility. You need to push through and when it gets difficult and you want to give up know that this is the point that most people have given up and gone back to their depressing full time jobs. To earn a proper passive income online you need to completely shift your thinking and get out of the rat race.

The below “Just Do It” video by Shia really hits home about how easy it is to give up. These quotes are strong and are very relevant for people starting out in affiliate marketing.

  • Don’t let your dreams be dreams
  • Just do it. Make your dreams come true
  • Nothing is impossible
  • You should get to the point when anyone else would quit and you’re not going to stop there
  • What are you waiting for?
  • If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up

Remember to download my FREE eBook that will take your from zero to your first profitable niche website.

If you have any questions just ask. I’m here to help you with anything you need.

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