Being Happy

Being Happy

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For me one of the most important things in life is being happy. If I’m not enjoying the majority of my time on earth then I’m doing something very wrong which needs to change before life flashes me by. I find most of us are guilty of only allowing ourselves to feel happy when some large outside factor influences us such as going on your annual vacation or spoiling yourself with some retail therapy. Don’t get my wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t be enjoying these but if we leave our happiness up to these relatively rare events we will feel neutral for most of the time.

Happiness is a state that can be created similarly to other habits and it just needs to be practiced for it to come more naturally. The best way is to make yourself smile and by doing this your body associates it with the emotion of feeling happy. Lately I have been making myself smile at all times of the day whether I’m sitting on the train or walking down the street. I force myself to look around and appreciate the beauty that is there but which we usually rush past. Try remind yourself a number of times throughout the day to appreciate what is around you and smile. By doing this over the course of a month the emotion will be hardwired and will result in you feeling more happy and upbeat for no particular reason.

Whenever I’m on the train and I look around all I see is sullen neutral faces. I want to me that person with a fat smile on my face that no one else understands what I’m so happy about. I find listening to music can definitely helps and makes me a lot more happy when a favourite song comes on. Music is good to jump-start the hardwiring of the brain as long as you make a conscious effort to feel good and keep those emotions with you after you have stopped listening to the music.

Feeling happy has so many advantages it really is worth investing a lot of time and effort into making that state more permanent. You become more optimistic and excited about life which causes you to make decisions that will benefit you even more. You have more energy to do work and your days become a lot more productive and enjoyable. Happy people also get sick less as they don’t stress as much which can severely impact your immune system and obviously quality of life.

If you have any suggestions for other ways of making yourself happy permanently please let us know.


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