Building Niche Websites for Passive Income

Building Niche Websites for Passive Income

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One of the most well known online money making strategies is that of creating niche sites and earning affiliate commissions off them . The concept behind this is to choose a niche market, which is basically a subset of a larger category that has a lot less competition, and promote products for this market. Think of the category “pets” and dive deeper into a subset of this such as “yoga with your dog”. The deeper you go the less competition there will be but at the same time there will also be a smaller market for you to promote your products too.

It ends up being a catch 22 so you need to find the right balance between a viable market and not too much competition. Think of the search phrase “How to loose weight”. If you type this into Google millions of webpages will come up and the chances of your website ever ending up on the first page for this search term will be very low. You could spend months writing high quality articles and yet never receive any visitors because your website is on the 50th page of Google. The key is to finding keywords which have enough people searching them per month but without competition from big powerful sites.

So you have created a niche website that is aimed at doing yoga with your dog, it is actually a new trend believe it or not,  and have written a number of high quality articles that people are finding through Google searches. Now what? You need to find a product that you can promote on your website which results in you receiving a commission each time it is sold. Essentially your niche market needs to have a product that you can promote and profit from. So for this example if we search Amazon for “Doga“, which is short for dog yoga, there are a number of books for sale on this topic. We would then sign up with Amazon as an affiliate and every time someone goes from our niche website to Amazon through the link on our site we would receive a commission of the sale. This is essentially the mechanics behind how to build a niche site for passive income.




Many people make thousands of dollars a month from promoting Amazon products so there is definitely a very viable market place here. The only issue is that the commissions are quite low so you would need to drive a lot of traffic in order to actually make serious cash. If you are promoting a product that sells for $100, which is already quite an expensive Amazon product, and are only receiving $5 per sale then you would need to do $20,000 worth of sales to clear $1,000 profit. In order to get those 200 sales you would probably need 20,000 visitors to your site assuming that 10% of them click the link to go to Amazon and 10% of those that make it to Amazon end up buying the product. As you can see based on the above example we would need roughly 100,000 visitors to break the $5k mark per month which is a lot of people.

Fortunately for us there are much more profitable ways to promote products, some which can earn you up to 50% of the sale. Online video courses are a fairly new concept and allow people from all around the world to learn new and valuable skills from the comfort of their homes. These online learning sites typically allow other people to promote their products and receive large commissions for sales made.

I would advise going over to Udemy Online Courses and having a look at all their subcategories. Choose a category which actually interests you. You will be writing articles on it so you need to be slightly passionate about it. Find a course which has a lot of students enrolled as well as good reviews. You need to be sure you are actually promoting a course that will add value to your readers and not selling them rubbish just for the sake of commission.

Ideally you should have done the course so you know first hand how good it is but if there are mostly good reviews and few thousand students enrolled you can be confident that the course is great. Keeping with the above theme of yoga, we can see that Udemy has a yoga course with nearly 1,000 students enrolled and 5 star rating which tells me it’s a well respected course. Our niche website could have an article which would then link to the Yoga For Beginners course and allow us to receive 50% commission if our visitors sign up for the course.

There are obviously hundreds of other ways to monetize niche websites but the above method of promoting high quality video courses which benefit your visitors and allows you to receive 50% sales commission is a very good start.

To summarise the above article:

1. Go over to Udemy and look through the various categories for courses which actually interest you

2. Find a course which has great reviews and at least a few hundred students enrolled

3. Create a website, preferably in WordPress, based on the type of course you are going to promote

4. Ensure the keywords you choose to target are not too competitive

5. Write a number of high quality articles based on keywords and then link to the Udemy Course which you have chosen

6. Repeat the above process for as many other niches as you can think of

Once you have chosen your niche I would recommend reading my guide on how to actually set up your website at Building your website with WordPress. It goes into the technical details of finding a domain name, registering it, setting up your hosting and installing WordPress.

Another site which I would advise having a look at to help you building niche websites for passive income is the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program which goes into much more detail. It is FREE to sign up with them and you have access to the first course which is 10 videos teaching you the fundamentals of setting up niche websites to create a passive income portfolio.

building niche websites for passive income


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