How to Build a Niche Website

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So you want to learn how to build a niche website and have a more flexible and nomadic lifestyle . Many people have left their jobs and now spend a few hours a day running their niche websites from anywhere in the world making a full time income. I love traveling and being location independent so this model suits me perfectly. A few months ago I was relaxing in Brazil whilst working online building niches sites and making passive income. If you ever get the opportunity I would most definitely recommend spending a few weeks in Rio. There is really something special about the sunset on Ipanema beach.

Ipanema Sunset


If you want to find out more about niche websites and how you can use them to completely change your lifestyle have a look at my article on them called Earning Passive Income Online. It should give you the basics of making money online and allow you to build your first niche website today.

This article is for those of you that have a basic idea of what online marketing is about and now want to get started. You know what you want to do but aren’t really sure how to build a niche website. Let’s go through the basics of what is needed.

  • Get a domain name
  • Get hosting for that domain
  • Install WordPress on that domain
  • Choose a theme from WordPress
  • Add required Plugins to Website
  • Add Content
  • Repeat the above process for other niche sites you create

Choosing the Domain name will be the first step when building a niche website. In the past people would try have exact matches with a specific keyword and the domain name. So if your niche was dogs your domain might be and you would be trying to rank for that keyword. The problem with that is it often limits your site and makes it very specific to a keyword. A better name might be which would give your site a brand and allow you to target any type of dog training.

A useful tool for this is Domain Name Brain which gives you lots of ideas for domain names based on your niche. The domain we initially selected,, is taken so we would have to find an alternative option based on the ideas we are given.

Domain Name Brain

Once you have selected your name you will then need to Google it and make sure there are no competing companies using it, which might very well be the case with the above k9training brand name.

Another important point to make is to always choose the .com suffix as it is a lot more powerful and generally ranks better in Google. Rather change the name slightly if the .com is taken than settle for a .net or .org suffix.

Now that you have your domain name chosen you need to buy it. The easiest is to get your domain and hosting from the same company so that it is all in one place which makes payment and managing it easier.

There are a few popular companies which do hosting and domain names but my favourite is Bluehost. When you sign up you get a free domain name for a year so all you need to pay for is the hosting. I would advise going for the most popular option  which is called “Plus” as it will host unlimited number of websites. This is important because you will probably build 3 or 4 different niche websites within the first month and even more throughout the year as you start making more money.

I have since done more research on web hosting companies and have written a separate article on it. The summary is that 1 & 1 is currently the cheapest at $0.99 per month. This price probably wont last long so if it has changed when you read this you’ve unfortunately missed out.


How to build a niche website
How to build a niche website


Visit Bluehost and chose your package. Once you have chosen it you will be directed to the next page where you will choose your domain name as decided upon above. Enter it under “new domain”, making sure .com is selected, then click next.

how-to-build-a-niche-websiteAfter this step you will be taken onto the following page which requires you to fill in your details and the package option. You should see a little message letting you know that the domain is available and ready.

congratsChoosing the package option time period is up to you. Naturally the longer you sign up for the cheaper it will be per month. I personally prefer this as it forces me to commit to building niche sites for the longterm and lowers your chances of giving up which is a big problem in affiliate marketing. I would advise subscribing to Domain Privacy Protection as there are free websites which anyone can access where the owners information from a website can found. This is not ideal especially when you are building niche websites as other marketers can spy on you and see what sites you own and which niches you are in.

You also have the option of paying with PayPal by clicking “More payment options” if you don’t have a credit card.




You can see the difference between my website and another random website I looked up which clearly shows the owners name, address and telephone number. I am not sure about you but I would not want such personal details posted on the internet for anyone to find.


Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 4.34.28 PM

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 4.35.35 PM


Once you have completed the information and clicked Submit you will come to the next page asking you about upgrades. At this point none of them are necessary so make sure they are all unchecked and click Complete at the bottom of the page. You should then receive confirmation that your purchase was successful and you will be asked to set a password for your account page.

Once you are in your account you will have many options. The first thing we will do to build a successful niche site is to install WordPress. WordPress is a content management system that allows you to create amazing looking websites with no technical knowledge. Most of the websites on the internet use WordPress, including this site. You will see an option to Install WordPress under the website section. Click on that. You will be taken to the next page which offers you services to install it for you. Ignore those options and simply click the green Install button at the top. We can install WordPress very easily for free by ourselves.



wordpress install


You will then have to choose the domain name that you are installing WordPress on which will be the name you just registered above. You can select show advanced options which will give you the option of naming your site. Make sure you write down the username and password used for the login so that you don’t forget it.

Once the install has completed you will see a notification as below. Do not purchase any of the WordPress advertised themes and templates listed below as we are able to find many great looking ones for free. Next to the notification saying your install is complete you will see an option to View Credentials. This will show you what your website address is as well as the url to get to the admin section where you will be setting up the page. This url will be your website name plus wp-admin at the end, such as Click on the link and log into the admin  section of your new niche website you’ve just built.




You are now in the Admin section of the website and this is where you will choose a theme, install plugins and create content. Under the options on the left you will see Appearance and when you hover over it you will see a number of options. Click on Themes and it will take you to a page which lists the themes you have already installed.

You will need to then go to themes and from there I usually look through the Popular category and find a theme which looks attractive. There are so many choices of high quality sites it can be very difficult choosing which one will be best. There are more than enough amazing looking free themes to not have to purchase any, at least initially when you are getting started. You can always install a few that catch your eye and once installed activate them and see how they are live on your niche site.

theme selection


After you have selected the theme you then have the option to install plugins. These plugins are addons that can help you out in certain areas such as SEO (search engine optimisation). I would advise going to the plugin option on the menu and installing one by the name of Yoast. It is a SEO plugin which lets you know how your post is looking and how it will appear when people search for it. I usually finish writing a post and then read it to let me know what I need to fix up in my article. You can see the Yoast score for this very article now and what I need to do to improve it. I need to include a focus keyword which it then sends to Google to help me rank for that keyword.

Yoast seo


After going through the article and improving the SEO it is now much better. Even though I am receiving red for keyword density I am fine with this because Google likes variations of the keyword as well. So if the focus keyword is “how to build a niche website” I can also use similar variations which make it seem more natural.  “Learning how to develop a website in a niche” could be a variation of the main keyword and it looks a lot more natural too.

yoast see score

You now know how to build a niche website! The more time you spend in WordPress the more you will learn and figure out how it all fits together. You can now start by going to Posts and adding a new post.

I would recommend heading over to Wealthy Affiliate Training Program which is free to sign up for and there is a really good fundamental beginners program. It basically gives you all the knowledge needed in one place to choose your niche, and then come up with a content strategy to get the website ranking quickly.

You can also read through my article on earning a passive income online to give you a strong start in your affiliate marketing.

If you are still not sure that building a website is the way to go have a look a how you can earn Passive Income From Ebay without creating a site.

If you have any more questions on how to build a niche website please just leave a comment and I will help out. I have also included a video at the bottom that shows you how to setup a niche website with WordPress if you got lost along the way.


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