Living Life Today

Living Life Today

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Welcome to my first post! The message I want to get across in this article is that life needs to be lived today. We all get caught in our routines of working 9-6 for 48 weeks of the year thinking that somehow life will improve and we will get to see the places and live the experiences that we have been dreaming about. Unfortunately for most of us this won’t happen and we will only truly have time when we retire at the age of 60 by which time most of life will have passed us by.

My goal is to live a life which I enjoy on a daily basis with little to no regrets. I don’t feel there is a purpose working a job for 80% of my waking hours which I get no enjoyment out of and the only positive thing it offers me is a salary to allow me to stay a float till the following month’s pay cheque. Every morning I dread having to go into the office to work on something I really dislike and be stressed out by tight deadlines and obnoxious managers that have even less of a life than me. As depressing as that sounds most of us get caught in this trap for 40 years!

I realize some people do love their jobs and get fulfilment out of it everyday and I’m happy for them. I sometimes wish for a job like that but the reality is that having a job that pays well with little stress, no deadlines and flexibility to work where and when you like is also very rare.

Hence the name of this website “Live Life With Passive Income” is all about living your life today, and not postponing it for 40 years time, with the help of passive income. I’m not going to try and deceive you by telling you that within a month you will be making $5k with an hours work a week. I don’t believe this is possible and in a lot of ways going the passive income route often involves more work for less income, initially. But the advantage of this is that the work you put in will benefit you in the long run and allow you to be location independent and flexible with your hours.

I am originally from South Africa and a qualified Chartered Accountant, which is the equivalent of a CPA, and I could lead a very comfortable life with this qualification if I were to work for a Big 4 firm. My most recent cost to company for my last job was $7k NET a month. I could carry on “living” this life and have more than enough money to live well but it just isn’t worth the daily struggle of doing something I really dislike. I enjoy travelling, surfing, training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, snowboarding, diving and many other adventurous experiences. I want to LIVE a LIFE of rich experiences where the time I spend each day is for myself and not some boss that I cannot tolerate. I am fully accepting of the fact that I will initially have to be content with a lower passive income for the benefit of being flexible with my OWN TIME.

The whole idea around passive income is that you can work wherever you want in the world and on your own terms. The best part about it is that you are essentially building it up to the point where you could outsource the daily activities of it to a virtual assistant and be free to live each day as you please. Once again I want to stress that this is not an overnight thing and does require lots of hard work and thinking. Far too often marketers try to get your attention for their products by promising quick results and minimal effort. I would rather you have the impression that it will take you a year to get it to the point of making enough money, when it may only take you 6 months, so you don’t loose interest and give up when you are not making $10k in the second month.

The last few weeks since I made my decision that work is no longer for me have been amazing. I am currently in New York and my days are filled with me training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, soaking up the Spring sun, walking through the streets and appreciating the sights and sounds as well as doing a few hours work on my laptop from my new “office” at Starbucks. The last weekend I had was spent in Utah snowboarding Snowbird mountain which was absolutely amazing. There is something surreal about sitting in a large hot-tub outside while it snows after an exhausting day on the slopes with a beer in hand. The fact that I didn’t have work the next day made it that much sweeter and I wasn’t thinking ahead about how depressing my week was going to be. To me this is how life should be lived. Enjoying every second with a big fat smile on my face. As I’m from South African this was really only my 4th time snowboarding in my life which is probably why I enjoyed it so much more.

My current plan is to fly to Rio de Janeiro on 1 April 2016 and spend a few months there learning Portuguese, surfing at the beach, relaxing on the beach, meeting new people from different backgrounds and cultures, training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and obviously working on my passive income with my laptop and a wifi connection. I cannot wait!


Please feel free to ask me any questions or leave suggestions in the comment block about this lifestyle. I find it easier to do something if there are other like-minded people sharing their experiences and advice with me. I will be writing further articles on how I intend making this all possible with passive income streams.



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