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So you’ve chosen your niche, done your keyword research and built your first site. Just in case you haven’t take a look at building your first niche website. Now you have a good looking website with a few different posts targeting your selected keywords. Chances are unless you picked an incredibly low competition niche, you won’t be receiving much traffic. Your amazing site is not being appreciated like it should. You could be giving the best value to your audience such as in-depth reviews of different dog groomers in a specific city. But if no one is finding your reviews then it is essentially wasted. Building Web 2.0 backlinks is one solution for this problem which is easy and affordable

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects when developing a niche website. If you have chosen a medium competition niche you should be able to rank for the keywords. Using a proper onsite and offsite SEO strategy will allow your business to get real organic traffic. This is the end goal as it will allow your site to go on auto-pilot and earn money daily without you doing anything. For example you have a niche site in the dog training niche that receives a few hundred visitors each day. You have a number of high quality articles that gain their trust as you show that you know what you are talking about. You could link to a proper dog trainer that pays you for every lead you send their way. Once these articles are set up and your site is receiving traffic you actually don’t need to do anything but collect the money that the dog trainer owes to you.

Getting Traffic to Your Site

The big question is how do we get traffic. Assuming our onsite SEO is done correctly we then need to focus on our offsite. The main component of offsite SEO is link building. Essentially the more backlinks you have pointing to your site the higher Google thinks of it. If every other dog website is linking to your amazing articles then Google realizes your site is great as other people trust you. Think of it as a recommendation. If you go for a job interview as a banker and the top bankers in the industry all “recommend” you then chances are you will get the job. This is the theory of back-linking. But it is very important that only high authority sites are sending you backlinks. If lots of spammy sites are “recommending” you then Google will assume you are the same calibre and often give you a penalty.

A Private Blog Network (PBN) is collection of high ranking websites which you own that have backlinks to your niche site. Google doesn’t really like this so when ever you create them you need to try reduce your tracks so that Google cannot tell that you own them. It is a very complex procedure and there are many courses on the internet that deal solely with creating PBN’s. The reason being is that they work and allow you to rank your website relatively quickly. Backlinking is typically very tedious and requires a lot of effort. You have to reach out to other sites in your area and ask to do a guest post which you can then link back to your site.

This is why most niche websites fail. They cannot build enough backlinks to allow them to rank higher and receive organic traffic. There websites might look good but they are not receiving any traffic. The main problem with PBN’s is that they can cost a lot as you need to buy expired domains with high page authority and also use different web hosting to limit your tracks. You can easily spend a few hundred dollars on a ten site PBN. This might be worth it for you but if you are just getting started you probably do not want to invest that much into one site. You might not be sure if the niche you picked is even right.

The thing about internet marketing is that you will make a lot of mistakes along the way. This is normal and will make you a better marketer in the long run. Think of a CEO of a company. He does not just become CEO out of nowhere. He has worked for many years, made many mistakes and has gained the experience and insights needed to run a company.

Buying expired domains to get a head-start

When you buy a fresh domain the page and domain authority (PA & DA) are both zero. This means the page has no authority and backlinks for this type of site have very little importance. So the trick is to find sites that have expired and had a high PA and DA beforehand. A website owner might forget to renew his annual payment or maybe he has changed businesses. You can have a look at www.expireddomains.net to see if your domain name choice, or a variation of it, is there. You would then visit Moz.com and enter in the URL to see it’s PA, DA  and number of backlinks.


If the figures are good you would then register it and pay the price of a normal domain. I would recommend doing this for your niche site as it gives you a head-start.

From there you would point the name servers to which ever host you are using. I personally recommend Bluehost as I’m using it now and have not had any problems with it. ExpiredDomains.net will usually give you the option to use one of the registers. I recommend using Namecheap. Once logged in go to Domains and the select the domain you are wanting to edit. Click on custom DNS and insert ns1.BlueHost.com and ns2.BlueHost.com as seen below.


So how do we build a cheap PBN? With Web 2.0’s that have expired and already have a high page authority. Web 2.0’s are sites like Tumblr and Weebly. They are free to setup and they already have a high DA. You can do this yourself using a scraper which goes through all accounts or you can pay sometime to do this for you. The latter is easier and it’s very cheap too. The particular service I used guarantees you 5 Weebly and 5 Tumblr sites all with a PA of at least 28. The accounts are all registered which makes your life even easier. For $10 this is an easy choice as it will take you at least a few minutes to find just one expired domain with a PA above 28 and register it yourself. Take a look at it here SEO Clerks.


Just a reminder this strategy will only work if you competition keyword is medium and below and you have conducted proper keyword research. Don’t expect to rank for “How to lose weight” by using a Web 2.0 PBN backlink approach. The more competitive keywords will required a proper PBN from high authority expired domains. Although this approach will definitely help with ranking. For more information on choosing keywords take a look at my Keyword research guide.

Web 2.0 Backlinks for $1

Once your order has been completed you can then get started building your Web 2.0 backlinks. Expired Web 2.0’s are the most affordable way of ranking your website. As mentioned above head over to SEO Clerks and order the 10 sites. Once you have received them you can start the all important process of building your backlinks.

Using the correct anchor text

Each time you link back to your money site you need to use an anchor text. This is the word that the user clicks on. You don’t want to use your exact keyword every time otherwise Google will penalize you for over-optimizing. Stick with the below strategy:

  • Exact keyword
  • URL
  • Click here
  • Brand name

Repeat this for each and every backlink you build. It will make your profile look a lot more natural which will prevent you from getting any penalties from Google. Keep a log of all anchors you’ve used so that you know which one to use going forward.

Getting Web2.0 backlinks from Tumblr

Log into your Tumblr account with the details given to you from SEO Clerks. Click on the account icon in the top right hand corner and choose from one of your new sites. Then click on the pencil icon and add new post by clicking on the text icon.



Use your keywords that you want to rank for in the title and in the content too. Add around 200 words and include a picture too. Highlight the anchor text that you want to use and you will see a number of options above it. Choose the hyperlink sign which looks like an anchor and add your niche website URL. Now post the article and that is one backlink done!


We are not done yet. There is another sneaky way to include a more powerful backlink on each Tumblr account. Clicking the person icon in the top right corner again you will see the option to “edit appearance”. Once there you will see another option to “Edit Theme”.


On the left hand side you will see a field called “Description”. Enter the following code in:

<h1>Blog Posts</h1>

<a href=”http://www.livelifewithpassiveincome.com/blueprint-building-first-niche-website/”>Blueprint for Building Niche Website</a>

<a href=”http://solo.tumblr.com/post/153572711579/building-a-niche-website”>Continue

Replace livelivewithpassiveincome.com with the URL you are linking too and the anchor text that you want to use. Find the URL of your new Tumblr post and replace the second link with that. This can be quite tricky to find ironically. On the right hand side you will see the post that you have just written. By right clicking and copying link you will now have the post url which would be something like “name.tumblr.com/post/151798010388/title”. That’s how you build Web 2.0 backlinks with Tumblr. Repeat this process for the rest of your Tumblr sites.

Chances are when you copy the above code the “” will not paste correctly. Manually update them and it will work.

Getting Web 2.0 backlinks from Weebly

Log into your Weebly account with the details given to you. On the lefthand side of the screen hit the drop down arrow and choose which site you want to edit.


Once you are in the dashboard of the site you want click on “Edit site” on the right hand side of the screen. Add a new page and choose the Blog option and the add a new post. You do this by dragging the text field into the page.



Once again you need to create some content of roughly 500 words for this post. You can also include an image to make it look good. Choose your anchor text and link back to your niche website. Another Web 2.0 backlink built! Make sure to publish your new Weebly site and that’s it.Check to make sure that the SEO settings are not hiding the page from search engines. Go into the settings and check that it’s not ticked for this at the bottom.


Getting your Web 2.0 backlinks indexed

Once you have your new backlinks built you then need to let Google know about these pages to get them indexed quicker. Using Google Search Console at this link https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url?continue=/addu will allow you to add the blogs. Remember to enter them as “blogname.tumblr.com” instead of tumblr.com/blogname and the same for Weebly.

Keep adding these Web 2.0 backlinks until your site is ranking on the first page of Google. You might need to purchase additional Web 2.0’s depending on the keyword competition level. At $1 a site it is really nothing.

The easier option for Web 2.0 links

If you don’t feel like doing the above and writing articles for each of your web 2.0 pages then you can always get the complete package. The following package gives you 40 Web 2.0 backlinks all done for you. At $25 it’s more expensive but it does include 30 additional Web 2.0’s all with your backlinks already done for you.

Ranking higher competition keywords

What if Web 2.0’s aren’t enough to rank your site? I would advise using a more powerful package such as Powerful PBN backlinks. This is a bit more expensive but guaranteed to get a higher ranking.

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